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“Cycle Plugin”

This script offers a wide variety of slide change transition effects. You can find full installation and configuration instructions by following this link.


In order to make the script work, the index-#.html file with a gallery should contain these lines of HTML code:
The section of the index-#.html file contains these lines of code that initialize the script functionality with basic values:

element with the #slideshow id. Script attributes define the following values:

• pause – pauses the slideshow, slideshow can be resumed with ‘resume’ command;
• resume – resumes a paused slideshow;
• toggle– toggles the pause/resume state of the slideshow;
• next – advances slideshow to next slide;
• prev – advances slideshow to previous slide;
• stop – stops the slideshow;
• destroy – stops the slideshow and unbinds all events.

For more information about options, see the Options Reference page.


Below you can see general HTML script representation:


You can find script related stylesheet in the main style.css file.

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