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10 Killer Tips for New WordPress Blogger – Part 1

WordPress, is one of my favorite blogging platform. Ofcourse, blogger provides veryflexible and SEO friendly method to design and start blogging. But i feel like the learning part is minimized at blogger end when it is hosted at blogspot. And i made a choice where million of successful bloggers made to start their blogging as a Fun and for Profit ofcourse. Blogging is an Art. It is not possible for every one to be an artist in this fantasy enriched blogosphere. Very few stars are visible and shining to showoff their success.

wordpress blogger

Though you have a blogger hosted blog, you still can find the common tips that governs every bloggers here. Few days back i read a line from an excellent blog. Sorry i dont remember the blog title, otherwise i would love to share the title as well as the article with you. The objective of that article was simple, “Dont guide people about money blogging, until you have earned and experienced the money blogging at first”. I was thinking my mistake which i did few years back, when i start to blog.

But now i am able to make a decent figure every month from my blogs and thats the reason i am here to share some of my blogging experiences as tips.

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I have taken 10 points which i will split as two, to get enough space for you to read also for me to write :)

  1. UnderstandYour Platform
  2. Hosting Provider and Limits
  3. WordPress Theme
  4. WordPress Plugins
  5. Write Trending and Unique Articles
  6. Be a Guest Writer
  7. Comment on Fellow Bloggers Blog
  8. Trial and Error Method
  9. How about a Rocking Homepage ?
  10. Finally, Monetize Carefully
Understand Your Platform

It is important to understand and not just knowing your platform. WordPress is one of the powerful blogging platform. It reduces so much works of a blogger by providing an elegant and simple interface to optimize and publicize your contents. Still, to get the most and to see the real face of wordpress, you must give a try with learning PHP, MySQL and CSS. Then you will see the way wordpress goes flexible to you as much as possible.

Hosting Provider and Limits

One of the important fact that you should keep in mind. If you have a plan to host a blogwith some hosting provider and expecting zero downtime as well as quality of service through customer support, then do check our my article about Hostgator Webhosting Review. I usually do recommend hostgator to my clients and i see no unhappy faces till date. Including me, totally happy with the way they offer customer support (instant and 24/7) all the day and to see my monthly income statistics go UP all the time :) It really matters,Hosting provider plays an important role in your blog traffic. Read the review and you will know the reason why i am stressing this much for a hosting account.

  • Hostgator WebHosting Review and Discount Coupon

Be aware of,

  • Server Downtime
  • Existing Customer Feedback and Review
  • Customer Support (when the server goes down)
  • Refund Policy
  • Duration of their Existence as Hosting Provider
WordPress Theme
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You have so many choice in selecting a theme for your wordpress blog, but still think about the one that has simplicity. Swift Theme which Dailytut using has Zero Images which makes the homepage and overall site performance faster and best for the readers. Focus and support all type of internet connection while choosing a style for your wordpress blog.

Premium themes are always worth to go for, and a smart choice too. There are very limited set of good WordPress Framework themes are available and best to use with the site.

Remember, your theme choice has an important factor when it comes to appealing look and the way your content is presented to the readers. If you focus only on Organic Traffic, then theme is not at all a problem.

Best WordPress Framework Premium Theme – Thesis 1.8 can be found here with Demo. Download “Thesis Theme” Today.

wordpress blogger

WordPress Plugins

Dont overload your blog and server with tons of plugins. Initially you may require at maximum 10 plugins. Sometimes you can ignore few to add more manual editing andAPI additions rather using all the features of your blog as plugins. This will truly affect yourweblog overall performance from the very beginning. Not just that, the web hosting account will also over use the server resources (memory, cpu…) and in turn, you will get a suspension notice from your hosting provider. This is common for any shared server hosted blogs.

The server cannot serve the pages they request from your blog to your visitor faster. So simply they will terminate the TAB and you will loose a visitor. So avoid using more number of plugins. when your blog traffic grows overall and after an year or 2 you will have more than 15 plugins and at that time you are all set to move to VPS or VDSserver.

Write Trending and Unique Articles

wordpress blogger

Write an Intro about your blog and you ofcourse. What you going to write, which categories you are expert-in and some contests (optional) to promote your blog among the blogosphere bit faster than usual. Look around other blogs and plan an exciting contest that you feel users will take part in.

Do check out our October Contest which ends on 31st “Giveaway: Batchphoto Pro Lifetime License“.

Have a look at top blogs, and get an idea of the currently trending titles. Social Media is always a trending one, so you can start with such title, if its a technical blog and you feel perfectly ok with the category.

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Never, Ever Copy paste the contents from other blogs. I do see this as a common mistake that every new blogger do in a bit excitement of owning a website. Simply copy pasting the content including title will reward you “COPYCAT” , “DUPLICATE CONTENT” when Google and other search engine try to index your weblog. So avoid this fatal mistake.

Read the article from other blogs and write it in your own sentences. Try to target your community and network of people by writing using simple sentences and link back to the actual article page at the end of the article. This will work and makes your blog so unique when you come up with other articles on your own.

[To Be Continued...]

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