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24Bit CM Acoustic Collection CM.160

24Bit CM Acoustic Collection CM.160


24Bit CM Acoustic Collection CM.160 | 1.1GB

These are the samples that can be found in Computer Music magazine’s January 2011 issue (CM160) accompanying CD.

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2003 24-bit Acoustic Collection samples
Samples are 24-Bit in .WAV format
Folder contents:
Cyclick (Guitar, Loops 85bpm, Loops 120bpm, Loops 135bpm)
Groove Criminals (Loops, Misc, Organ, Perc_Hits, Percussion)
Hattrixx (Chords, Chromatic, Mandolin Trills, Scraps, Temo Loops)
Homepage: http://www.musicradar.com/computermusic/computer-music-160-january-issue-on-sale-now-335910




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