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4 Ways a Press Release Can Help Promote Your Blog

If you’re looking to promote your blog and let others know about it, use press release as one of your marketing tools. A press release can give your blog the much needed promotion and help you get a large amount of traffic in quick time. Check out the 4 ways in which a press release can help to promote your blog and boost your incoming traffic.

1. Helps to develop a brand identity

When you write a press release and submit it to various press release submission sites or newswire services, it gets distributed to several other websites through RSS Feed and other techniques. So, your press release reaches a wide range of audience including qualified and influential people. This actually helps in marketing your blog and getting it identified as a brand.

2. Improves blog authority and domain authority

When several websites publish your press releases with anchor-text links to your blog, the search engine considers these links as the vote of confidence and reliability. Such links help to improve your blog authority. As a result, search engines prefer to rank your pages higher in the search results.

Press releases with anchor-text links can help your blog gain domain authority as well. Domain authority depends upon the number of quality websites that link to your domain and the types of link your domain receives from those websites. So, if you have 1000 links from 100 separate domains, your domain authority will be higher than when you get 1000 links from 10 separate domains. Higher domain authority can help in search engine reputation management that may further result in better ranking in the search results.

3. Increases traffic flow through search engine exposure

When your press release ranks higher in the search engine, you’ll have more visitors finding their way to your blog. So, you need to optimize the press releases with keywords that are relevant to your blog or the product/service which you promote through your blog.

4. Attracts the media’s attention

When you promote your blog through press release, it may attract the media’s attention and they may want to cover your product or service, thus helping in its promotion.

A well-written press release attracts the readers’ attention and makes them aware of your blog or the product/service that you promote through your blog. So, promoting your blog through press release submission can help you get scores of visitors and hence, you’ll have more blog subscribers.

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