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5 Benefits Of Adding Interview Podcasts To Your Blog

Podcast is a great way to share content on your blog. It provides portable content which your audience can listen to again and again. It helps to connect better with your audience as they can hear the tone and sound of your voice. Here are the 5 essential benefits of adding interview podcasts to your blog.

1. You reach out to people and get noticed easily

When you create a podcast, you take interviews of experts in your area of blogging. Hence, it makes you reach out to more people and helps you to promote your blog as well as your product or business. Also, you give them a chance to share their thoughts and promote their work. So, this can be a great start to build up professional relationships. Thus, not only do you benefit but also you help others to benefit through your podcast.

2. It helps you to get new traffic to your blog

Adding podcasts to your blog brings variety in your blog content and it is something that your readers will appreciate. If the people you interview have their own websites and blogs, they may prefer to post the link to such interviews on their site/blog. They may also promote the interview across various networks they participate in. So, you can expect to find new visitors in your blog. The interviews can turn out to be some of the most popular posts in your blog, thus helping you to increase the level of participation in your blog.

3. It doesn’t cost you much

Podcasting doesn’t need you to spend a lot of money. You can go for it without using expensive equipments. You can record calls for free just by using your cell phone and Google Voice, and edit the interviews you record by using a program called Audacity, which is available for free.

4. Free sharing and distribution of content

If your podcast has real value, it’ll be appreciated by your readers and you can expect them to share it with their friends across various social media networks. So, your content will be distributed for free and it’ll become widely popular, thus contributing to the success and promotion of your blog.

5. It helps you to expand your knowledge

When you create a podcast with interviews of different groups of people, you ask several questions which help to expand your knowledge base. So, it helps you to focus writing on a variety of topics within your area of blogging. Thus, podcasting adds value to your blog and gives your readers some great content to check through while they navigate around your blog.

Podcasting can help increase the number of subscribers to your blog. However, in such a case, they may prefer you to come up with podcasts at regular intervals. So, you need to decide whether you want to create podcasts just for one or two posts or you want it to become a regular feature in your blog. If you want it to become a regular feature, you should make an announcement and speak about it to your readers, thus trying to make the feature quite popular once added to your blog.

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