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5 Top WordPress Forum Plugins

Bulletin Boards

bbpress forums

While not a conventionally installable plugin, bbPress is made by Automattic, the people behind WordPress.  bbPress is separate software from WordPress and requires a bit more experience to set up, but it closely integrates with a WordPress blog and it’s membership.

4. Simple:Press

simplepress forum

Simple:Press is a feature rich forum plugin for WordPress. It is fully customizable and comes with a number of skins and icons.  Through it’s powerful and flexible permissions system it is suitable for those who wish to run private, specialist forums with invited members but is equally able to accommodate open, public forums that allow guest posting.

5. Zingiri Forum

zingiri forum

Zingiri is a unique plugin that integrates existing forum software, myBB, into WordPress. Zingiri provides the glue to connect MyBB, an easy to use, powerful, multilingual, feature-packed, and free forum software with WordPress. MyBB also includes a reputation system, multi-quote, and the ability to create custom BBCode (called MyCodes).

Guest author Vinnie Lauria is the co-founder of Lefora.com Forum hosting and organizes the 5,000 member Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup which has featured hundreds of companies that have built their startup in Silicon Valley. You can also guest blog on QOT and share your WordPress tips.

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