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9 Ways You Can Turn Your Blog Visitors Into Subscribers

If you have been blogging for quite some time and you still don’t have a good subscriber base, it’s time you think about ways to tackle this issue. Given below are 9 ways by which you can convert more visitors into subscribers.

1. Let your visitors know about your subscription options

You need to highlight your blog subscription options so that visitors don’t miss it. You can preferably place them in the sidebar of your blog. Also, provide an email subscription option apart from subscription through RSS Feed. Use the standard icon for RSS Feed so that it attracts the visitors’ attention and draws them towards your subscription options.

2. Create a landing page for your subscription options

You should have a separate landing page for your blog subscription options. This is because having a subscription option along with other items sometimes distracts the readers. So, a single page dedicated to highlighting why and how your visitors should subscribe may be a better option. For instance, if you have placed an RSS Feed icon in your blog sidebar with the text “Subscribe” below it, you can simply hyperlink the text. This will take your visitors to the RSS Feed Subscription page.

3. Write specialized and quality posts

Choose topics that people look out for and focus on writing posts on those topics. The deeper you get into a topic, the more you’ll be able to draw in the visitors’ attention. On doing so, you’ll be able to build up your credibility as an expert. So, chances of the visitors going for the subscription are higher.

4. Make free offers available with subscriptions

This is one of the best ways to increase the number of subscribers to your blog. You can offer a free ebook on any interesting topic once a visitor becomes a subscriber. You can also offer a free monthly newsletter with essential information and the latest updates on the subject area you’re blogging about.

5. Create viral ebooks for your visitors

To explain this, I’ll give a brief example. Let’s say, you have written an ebook on how to make money online and you create a page in your blog, where you explain what the ebook is all about. You allow your visitors to download the ebook for free. In addition, you may tell your visitors to offer it to buyers along with any other product they’d like to sell. This will help promote your blog and let you have more subscribers.

6. Start contributing guest posts to other blogs

Contributing guest posts to other blogs can help promote your blog. But the content you provide should be original and not just something which you’ve already written about in your blog.

While you contribute guest posts, make sure your posts have a short introduction about yourself (at the end of the post) and a link to your blog. As more and more traffic flows in from other blogs, you may have more subscribers to your blog.

7. Make use of emails, forums and social networks

You may add the link to your blog subscription page in your email signature and provide a short anchor text saying “Feel free to subscribe to my blog”. So, whenever you mail someone, your blog subscription link is likely to get noticed.

There are several forums which allow members to add links to their profile signature. You can start participating in forums covering your subject area of blogging. While you do so, you can add the link to your blog subscription page in your profile signature. Visitors in the forum can just click on the link and get into your blog. The chances of such clicking will increase if you’re a valued member or moderator of that forum.

Alternatively, you can create your blog profile page in social networking sites and interact with the members there. This will help drive in more traffic to your blog and give you the chance to increase your subscriber count.

8. Interact with bloggers and subscribe to their blog

When you start commenting on other blogs or contribute guests posts, make sure you subscribe to their blog. Once you do so, chances are that they in turn may subscribe to your blog. But you need to keep your blog updated with great content. Only then you can convert such bloggers into subscribers.

9. Make use of videos and podcast

Since people like to watch videos, therefore you can create videos on interesting topics that you blog about, and submit them in YouTube. The videos should have a link to your blog subscription page. This way you’ll not only get more traffic to your blog but also convert them into subscribers.

Similarly, you can create a podcast and have them listed in podcast directories. In the podcast, you can talk about your blog and the advantage of subscribing to it. You can also include interviews of prominent personalities in your area of expertise. This way you can promote your blog and get more subscribers for it.

Some bloggers prefer to highlight the number of subscribers they have. If the number is quite high, it may help to gain more subscribers, as we all tend to follow the crowd most often. However, this option is not going to work if you have very few subscribers. So, go for this option only after you have built up a moderate subscriber count.

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