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Adsense Integration plugins for WordPress

Earlier, we discussed some Pay-per-click ad serving options; their features, advantages, limitations and payment policies. This time we will look into some WordPress plugins that integrates advertisement into the site. Most of them are related to Google Adsense, since it’s the most widely used advertisement program on the net. But I’ve also covered some popular alternatives such as, Chitika, Amazon etc.


WP Simple Adsense Integration

As the name suggests, this plugin makes Adsense integration truly simple. Adding a Google advertisement on your WordPress blog post, page or sidebar is just a trigger text or a PHP function call away. If you feel overwhelmed while using some premium plugins built for the same purpose, this one is definitely for you.

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Adsense Beautifier

If you are worried about ads making your beautifully design website look bad, you can try out this plugin. This plugin makes your Adsense look soothing to the eye, by adding images adjacent to the ads. This also helps increase your click-through rate(CTR). However, don’t forget to add a line between the image and the ad, otherwise you would be voiding terms and conditions set up by Google.

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Adsense Earnings

This plugin enables you to check your Adsense earning right in the WP dashboard. Comes really handy if you are one of those who have to check their earnings every 20 minutes! You can also check your earnings for a specific time period, or show the visitors how much cash you have earned for the day.

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Adsense Injection

If you have a blog with a lot of content, going through every article to post little adsense tags will be a tiresome task. Also, showing the ads same place every time on a page increases ‘banner blindness’, that is your regular visitors will stop noticing the ads eventually. Adsense injection solves this problem by inserting adsense codes randomly between paragraph(or line break tags) in a page. On a multi-post page(home, category, archive) it’ll inject one adsense per story. It lets you choose how many to show on single-post pages and how many ads to show at a time. The version 2.0 works for Yahoo! Publisher Network as well.

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Adsense Deluxe

AdSense-Deluxe is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress 1.5+ for quickly inserting Google Adsense or YPN ads into your blog posts. It gives you some flexibility in deciding which posts ads appear in and perhaps some control of which ad format would display in any given blog post.

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With WP-Amazon, the product catalogs from the mighty Amazon.com is available right into your WordPress site. This plugin adds an “Insert from Amazon” link below the text area of your entry and the page editor. The link then launches a page that will allow you to search Amazon by product line. If you are located in the United States, you can also search restaurants with this plugin, as Amazon have added this feature in their E-commerce service 4.0.

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Chitika eMiniMalls Sidebar Widget

We covered Chitika and their “impulse merchandising” with eMiniMalls in the previous post. With this widget you can drag-and-drop an eMiniMall onto the sidebar of your site, with zero knowledge of HTML/JavaScript. Requires WordPress 2.0+.

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Bidvertiser WP Widget

This widget lets you show ads from Bidvertiser, the alternative contextual ad serving program we covered in our earlier post. It’s easy to install and use. Also requires WordPress 2.0+.

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