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Advertisement Positioning: Earning More Through Blog Ads

If you’re looking to earn money through advertising, one of the key things that you need to consider is the placement of ads on your blog. The ads should be placed such that more and more people are able to view it. The more visitors see your ads, the higher are your chances of converting the visitors into dollars. Let’s find out the suitable positions for placement of ads on a blog so that they can easily attract the visitors’ attention.

How to position ads on blogs

An important position for placement of ads on your blog is the one above the fold. The fold is the space that you get to see on a blog without having to scroll down. Since not many would like to scroll down hence they won’t be able to see your ads. This is why it is essential to place ads above the fold.

Another area of your blog where you can place ads is the content where you have text, images and video posted. The content is what most of your visitors will explore. So, placing ads in this area or very close to it will mean better conversion for your ads and hence you’ll earn more.

There are a few places within the content area, where you can place ads. If you’d like to earn through pay-per-click or pay-per-action methods, placing your ads on the left or right hand side of the content is the best option. The ads are easily visible from this position. This will help you to increase the click-through rate on the ads and increase your income through blog advertising.

Ads are often placed in between two blog posts. This is mostly done on commercial blogs where a small banner ad may be placed in between posts, especially on the front page or category page of a blog. Google AdSense ads are often placed in between the second and third posts on the home page of a blog. In addition to AdSense ads, sponsorship ads are often placed on the same position, that is, in between two posts on a blog’s home page.

Sometimes, you can even place ads, especially ones having a smaller height, above one of your posts. Ads placed in this position usually have a height of 468×60 pixel. The horizontal ad units from AdSense are often placed across the upper portion of a blog slightly above the title of your post. However, such positioning may not help in getting better conversions for your ads and it isn’t as effective as positioning the ads within your content.

Another area on your blog where you can place ads is the one close to the comments section. If you write compelling posts, you’ll be able to attract the visitors’ attention and get them to share their opinion on the comments section. As your visitors use the comments section, they look for something more to do and that’s when your ads are being clicked by them. So, the more visitors you attract, the higher are your chances of earning through ads placed near the comments section.

So, there are various positions where you can place ads on your blogs. However, ads placed on the left hand side of a page are expected to yield better results because the human eye usually moves from the left to the right while viewing a web page.

How do you position ads on your blog? Feel free to share your experience with us.

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