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Amazon Bestsellers – WordPress Plugin

WP Bestsellers is a powerful and easy to use plugin for WordPress Blogs that allows users to post the Bestsellers and Latest Releases for any product category from Amazon on their Blog automatically. This means it can add useful and diverse content on any product imaginable on a daily basis – without you writing a single word!

The most important idea behind this plugin is that you will show visitors the products on your site that are being bought (HOT) at this moment and possibly they are looking for. Not some old stuff but up to date products that are in demand but also the new products that are being released soon (on your site).

This will provide your sites with 2 very important things. First it is always adding fresh up to date content but secondly I am 99% sure it will help you earn more money.
This is TRUE automation of your Blogs, saving you a lot of time as you don’t need to keep your blogs up to date with the latest and bestselling products on a daily basis. WP Bestsellers does all that for you, allowing you to concentrate on the promotion of your sites and building even more Niche Affiliate Sites.

It doesn’t matter if you are already using a plugin like AmaNiche, Reviewazon, WProbot or another one… this is a Unique ‘must have’ add-on to those plugins! But you can of course use this powerful Plugin on it’s own to enhance your sites.


You can choose to add the Bestsellers, New Releases, Most Wished For or Most Gifted.

Number of products:
The maximum number of products the ‘top list’ you can add from each category are 25.

You can set the plugin to add posts on a daily basis up to as long as 30 days in between. This way you can make for instance a top 10 this week.

You can decide on the title of the post and to make sure the title is not the same each day you can add as many titles that are spinnable.

To make sure that the posts on your site are unique, you can add info for the intro of the post and at the end of the post, which are also spinnable again to further enhance the listings especially if you set the plugin to add daily.

Masking of Links:
The amazon affiliate links are masked and appear as internal links, which is great for internal linking juice, but mainly will help to significantly increase the CTR and your earnings.

Rating / Reviews:
It will add the rating and number of reviews

You can use any template you like. There are thousands of templates available for wordpress.

Duplicate Content:
There are a lot of concerns about duplicate content issues online. As you will see at the sites above the content is an image of the product, the description of it and the link to Amazon. You have also got the option to add a intro and ending to the list of bestselling products etc. This allows your postings to be totally unique from any other website. There is also an option for you to spin those intros and endings in the admin. Although I do advice to put at least 1 or 2 unique posts on the site. (maybe a top5 review etc.) If you have the time add some more but in my experience the duplicate content issue is not as big as some might think.













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