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Answers Plazza – Q&A Joomla website

Want to build your own Q&A community website, just like stackoverflow, yahoo answer etc? Answers Plazza is the answer.

Answer Plazza is a Joomla template that is designed with a “content submission based website” look.
With Answers Plazza, you can make a Q&A community website like stackoverflow, Yahoo Answer, etc, easily, just by using Joomla and K2 component.
If you don’t have any plan to build that kind of website, you can still use it to build other websites purpose like news directory, content sharing website etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Login, download and try the file right now. Join up for our membership, if you haven’t signed up yet

Module Positions

Answer Plazza has a lot of styles combination possibilities. For start, it’s have 3 Skeletons available, that can be combined with 3×11 font families and 3×3 Font sizes, two themes (Bright and Dark) and All of these options can be configured from template backend parameter

Skeleton 1




Skeleton 3





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