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AutoTubePress v1.44 – WordPress Post Plugin

In Less Than 60 Seconds, AutoTubePress Builds High-Quality, Traffic-Getting, WordPress Video Blogs That Grow on 100% Autopilot. This is a very nice plugin, easy to install, easy to make it work. If you’re looking for a plugin that you can use to set up a niche site in just minutes than this is the one that you need!

List of AutoTubePress Features :

Extremely SIMPLE and intutive.
Enter a list of keywords to gather videos from.
Enter a list of categories to post the videos under.
Optional negative keyword list so that you won’t get irrelevant videos on your blog.
Include video comments or not.
Include video description or not.
Automatic on-page SEO.
Select the posting schedule.
Post backdated videos.
NO related videos shown when each video ends.
Ability to add HTML before the video, between the video and the description.
You CAN add your own content (or modify existing posts) whenever you want.









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