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Avoid GoingUp Web Analytics

Update: According to GoingUp, back links are disclosed as part of their terms of service. I apologise for providing incomplete information. However, my advice remains the same. Use Google Analytics instead.

Back links are how are free service remains free and is disclosed as part of our terms of service. We do offer a paid service which does not have the back links. The sites you mention are amongst our sponsors.


GoingUp? If you are using this “free” Web stats and analytics service or are planning to use it, beware! It can pull you down. With the free analytics code, GoingUp adds three hidden links to other websites (possibly their own of their sponsors: www.binarybiz.com, www.totalrecall.com and www.paymanity.com). If you don’t mind someone feeding on your blood, try GoingUp.

Avoid GoingUp Web Analytics

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