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Backlink Energizer – Premium WordPress Plugin

What is Backlink Energizer?

Backlink Energizer is a simple to use WordPress plugin which helps to increase the visibility of your backlinks. It combines the power of link-wheels and the automation of autoblogging into one push-button process that turbo-charges your backlinking efforts.

In a nutshell, Backlink Energizer builds backlinks to your backlinks – in doing so, it increases their visibility and helps to get them indexed faster. The quicker your backlinks are indexed, the more “link juice” your money site has. Which in turn means higher rankings.

To Energize your links, you simply follow these simple steps…

1. Upload the plug-in (About 2 minutes).

2. Import your web 2.0 accounts (About 10-15 minutes).

3. Import a list of links you want to energize (about 2 minutes).

4. Let the plug-in do the work automatically while you reap the benefits of higher rankings and more traffic!

It really is that simple!

It works because it syndicates your links to other websites and web 2.0 properties and makes sure they’re noticed by the search engines…

While thousands of links drop off of Google on a daily basis, you can be sure your links will stay indexed and powerful for years to come…

It Energizes your backlinks, like your own personal SEO Robot … by automatically taking massive action every hour of every day – even while you’re sleeping…

Creating content filled with backlinks to your backlinks – drawing Google bot to your SERP boosting backlink pages like an irresistable magnet.

Energizer dramatically increases both the speed, and the amount of your backlinks Google indexes by as much as 400%.

We have personally tested and PROVEN this, and reveal all in the free report that comes with the plug-in.

We’re not talking spammy content or post after post of those shortened urls that No Web Master or Site Moderator wants inundating their sites …

It’s the right content… FREE high quality content that webmasters LOVE to have on their sites… Not some spun junk that’s going to get deleted the second a moderator sees it…

And it attracts the Google bot like CRAZY!

The faster Google finds and credits your backlinks, the faster your pages can blow past your competitors in the Search Engines, the Faster Your Money Sites start earning!

















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