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Best Simple Minimalist WordPress Themes and Blog Designs

Plaintext.org themes are all about Minimalism in blogging. They attempt to combine minimalism and blog design by offering themes that showcase your content. I think their plain, simple and elegantly designed wordpress themes very useful for those looking for a minimalistic blog design.

If you like the Minima blog template in Blogger, then Plaintext is where you should look for similar designs in WordPress. Now they showcase an amazing collection of the Best Minimalist WordPress Themes. Be warned that “A minimalist design is not the same as a simple one”. Many of these wordpress themes like Barecity, White as Milk, Hemingway Reloaded, Hiperminimalist, Simpla, Way Too Clean, Man~ja, Burnfield, The Simple Life, and Zen Minimalist are already very popular around the blogosphere.

But if you want your own unique copyrighted web design, you could always hire a professional blog designer. Ever wonder how much a professional blog designer charge?

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