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Blog Advertising Options That Can Help You Earn Money

Getting a lot of traffic is good for any blogger as he can leverage the traffic into potential source of income. One of the most common methods of converting your blog traffic into dollars is advertising. In one of my previous posts, I’ve already talked about affiliate advertising, so let’s find out how the other forms of blog advertising can work for you.

Common blog advertising options

While browsing the web, you must have come across images, often animated ones with some textual elements, which take you to other websites or blogs when clicked upon. These are banner ads and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Banner ads are usually placed at the top of a blog in the form of a horizontal image. Sometimes, you may find them as small square buttons or like a tall skinny rectangle highlighted on the sidebar of a blog.

The placement of banner ads depends upon your convenience and the advertiser’s requirement. You should place the banner ads in a position that attracts maximum attention of your visitors. The more the visibility of the ad, the higher you’ll earn from your advertisers. So, it is quite obvious that you’ll place the ad above the fold, that is, in any position which doesn’t need the visitors to scroll down and then find the ad.

Other than banner ads, you can place text link ads on your blog. These ads are placed on the basis of a certain text within the content of blog post. It’s not necessary that the ad should have relevance to the topic of the post. Text link ads can earn you revenue through pay-per-click or pay-per-action methods.

Payment through a pay-per-click method is based on the number of visitors that click the text link ads on your blog. Whereas, payment through pay-per-action method is based on the actions a visitor performs on the advertiser’s blog or website after clicking on the ad. Such actions can be filling up a form, signing up with the advertiser’s website or subscribing to the newsletter offered there. The pay-per-action method often applies to banner ads.

Another popular blog advertising option is the impression-based ad which lets you earn money based on the number of times the ad appears on your blog. This means, you’ll get paid each time someone loads the blog page where the ad appears. So, unless you get a lot of traffic, you may not have too many page views and hence you won’t make good money with impression-based ads. However, the best thing about this advertising option is that it doesn’t require your visitors to click on the ad and perform any action. Banners and pop-ups are sometimes used as impression-based ads.

One of the popular ways to earn money through blog advertising is writing paid reviews on products and services. If your blog is quite popular, you may be contacted by a company or service provider to review their business, product or service. While you may decide to write a review, make sure that you choose a product or service that’s relevant to your readers. Also, you should come up with an honest opinion in your review.

While you may earn through reviews, you can also make money by using contextual ads on your blog. Contextual ads are placed on a web page based on their relevance to the keywords of that page. This blog advertising option helps you to earn money on a pay-per-click basis. Contextual ads are of various types like pop-up ads, in-text contextual advertising and inline contextual advertising.

In-text advertising is one in which the ad comes within a pop-up “caption” frame that appears only when a reader brings the mouse over a keyword found within the text of that page. Such ads can have text, logo as well as display or video. Whereas, inline contextual advertising is one which allows the ad to be placed on the right side of a page under the label “Sponsored Links”.

Whatever be your blog advertising option, you’ll have to select an advertising program that provides you with the ads relevant to your blog. For instance, Google Adsense is a program that helps you to earn through contextual advertising. Under this program, Google ads are placed on the right side of your page keeping in mind their relevance to the content of that page. Similarly, there are programs like Tribal Fusion and TextLinkAds to help you earn money through impression-based ads and text link ads respectively.

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