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Blogging Ideas: Keep Them Coming

Your blog needs great content to engage the visitors and become popular. So, how do you update your blog with fresh content on a regular basis? What are the different ways by which you generate topic ideas for your blog? Read on to find out how to come up with interesting blog topics to engage your visitors.

How to generate blog post ideas

The first thing and possibly one of the best things that you can do is creating Google Alerts with certain keywords related to your area of blogging. There are several options for alerts, such as you can go for ‘news’, ‘comprehensive’ which covers news as well as any new topic generated on the web/blogosphere. You will receive alerts in your mail based on the option you choose and whether you want it as and when the topic is generated or just once a day. You can go through these topics and generate interesting ideas for your blog.

The next best thing to do is reading experts’ blogs that cover topics in your niche. It’s not that you recreate what they’ve written but you can certainly get new ideas from the ones that have received a lot of comments from their readers. Then you can do your own research and combine your own thoughts and experiences to cover the topic on your blog.

Apart from reading experts’ blogs, you can look for topic ideas in magazines and newspapers that often come up with features on recent industry news. It makes you aware of the current trends, and such topics covered with expertise can go viral and make your blog really popular. If you feel it’s stressful to go through each and every blog, just subscribe to it and you’ll find their updates in your mail itself.

Alternatively, you can browse through some of the old topics covered on your blog and look for new developments in those areas. Then you can simply write about these developments by creating a new post and interlinking the topics. This is a good internal linking strategy and it does help your readers to navigate around your blog.

Going through old posts has one more benefit. It makes you think whether you missed out something when you compiled your thoughts at that time. You can cover the aspects you missed out earlier, in a completely new topic. Sometimes, you can just analyze and find out what creates problems for the visitors and create a blog post with the solutions to such problems. Such posts are likely to get more popular and generate readers’ comments.

If you want to try out something different, watch YouTube videos and listen to audio podcasts on topics that are related to your area of blogging. It’ll help you to come up with fresh ideas or enable you to focus on various aspects of a single topic.

There are other creative ways to come up with interesting blog topics. You can conduct an interview of an expert or a popular blogger and highlight it on your blog. Sometimes, you can just review a product/service, a book or a blog and create a post out of it. Interviews and reviews can be helpful for you because when you take an interview or review a product/blog, the interviewee or the company/blogger comes to know about your blog as well. While you link to their blogs, they in turn may link to yours and this makes way for new traffic to your blog.

One of the best ways to create new topics in your blog is to join social networking sites and communities of bloggers where you interact with others and enhance your knowledge. This helps you to come up with several new topics to be generated in your blog. Also, you can participate in forums, get access to ideas which create buzz and blog about them.

Sometimes, you can even write about mistakes you’ve done as a blogger and the lessons you’ve learnt from them. Such topics do appeal a lot to beginners in blogging. At times, you can even share your personal experience – that’ll be an off-topic post but such things are welcomed as you need to come up with different story ideas to hook your blog readers.

So, that’s how you can generate topic ideas for your blog. How do you come up with blog post ideas? Is there anything I haven’t covered here?

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