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Chris Jean was hard at work this week to release the beta version of the Builder Style Manager. He’ll be using this time to fix issues that rise up and collect input from you on what things you like, or would like to see added, etc.

The Style Manager beta version is available in your member’s only account as a standalone plugin for Builder right now. Log in and you can download it instantly.

Here’s what Chris said in the Builder forum to announce it:

I’m proud to announce that a beta version of the Style Manager for Builder has finally been released. Rather than packaging this directly into Builder, the Style Manager is a separate plugin that will need to be installed and activated on your site. You can now download the plugin from your members page.

Please be advised that this is a very early beta release and that it should not be considered stable enough to use on client or production sites. For support issues and questions, please use the new Style Manager-specific forum.

I have a large set of improvements to make to the plugin, so it is definitely in a very early stage of development. I’d love to hear your feedback on what you like and dislike about the plugin and what you would like to see added.

Also, here’s an in-depth video overview of the Style Manager by one of our Builder community members.







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