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Buy WordPress.com Credits : Custom CSS With Paid Upgrades

WordPress.com is the excellent blogging platform which lets you run the feature rich wordpress, without the need for your own webhosting, installation and upgrades hassles. WordPress.com has been very active lately in churning out lots of amazing features, which I hope will be available in WordPress downloads too.

WordPress.com has started monetizing by letting users upgrade WordPresswith new features for credits. Each credit costs $1 and can be purchased in lots of 15 or 25 (on my dashboard) via Paypal. The first paid upgrade available isCustom CSS which allows you to Edit and modify your theme to your liking and its costs 15 credits. While the theme�s HTML cannot be modified, Custom CSS lets you create your own design.

I think this is a wonderful way to benefit both WordPress and its bloggers too. While keeping the service free, they have managed to provide premium features to those who need it, and earn money while doing it. I am sure more WordPress paid upgrades are in the pipeline. Buy WordPress credits and customize your blog design for a new look.

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