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Caffeinated Content for WordPress

Looking for content for your website? Well then, allow me to introduce Caffeinated Content.

Instant content. Targeted content. Automatic content.

These days, the web is based almost entirely on content. Let’s take a look at what I mean by this:

  • Google ranks your site based on its content.
  • People link to you based on your content.
  • Visitors come back for what? You got it: content.

Basically, if you don’t have content, you’re up a creek. You won’t get indexed and you won’t get ranked. Most importantly, you won’t get visitors! (which equates to no cash flow!)

Now, this is where Caffeinated Content comes in.

Caffeinated Content for WordPress

I’m going to keep this short because I know you all have stuff to do, e-products to write, sites to build, money to make, and so do I. That being said, I’m just going to tell you want Caffeinated Content for WordPress is, what it can do, and what it can’t.

What is Caffeinated Content for WordPress?

Caffeinated Content for WordPress is a WordPress plugin that gives your blog a ton of legit content and serves it any way you want it.

Legit, targeted, blog content: quickly, easily, painlessly.

Okay, what can it do?

Caffeinated Content runs as a easy to install WordPress plugin. You pick a keyword and it’ll populate your blog with posts regarding that keyword. Also, it’ll add comments to those posts. The posts will be added in a date range chosen by you (if you choose dates in the future, WordPress’ built-in scheduling feature will automatically show those posts on the right day in the future). To further create unique content, Caffeinated Content for WordPress can also add images to your posts, and rewrite it using a few different methods, and translate it to one of 12 different languages. Everything is put together via a simple interface within WordPress and easily modifiable templates. It doesn’t require a cron job to set up (yeah, I hate those things too). Best of all, it can be used on as many IPs and websites as you wish.

If it can do all that, what can’t it do?

  • It won’t purchase web hosting for you.
  • It won’t install WordPress on said hosting.
  • It won’t upload itself into your WordPress plugins directory.
  • It won’t modify it’s own templates or links (but you are welcome and encouraged to do so!).
  • It won’t limit itself to only one domain or IP.
  • It won’t work on ancient versions of WordPress (2.1 and newer are supported though!).
  • It won’t make you eggs and toast (I’m working on this problem, though!).

So what is this good for?

I’m sure your mind is already ticking, thinking of how this can work for you. There are a million different uses for this thing, and I’m going to leave it to you to figure out which is best for you. However, some suggested uses are:

  • Install on your regular blog and put all of the posts into a FAQ, Q&A or help category.
  • Create an instant auto-updating “Made-for-Adsense” blog (hint: include an adsense block within a handful of randomized templates) in just a few seconds.
  • Create a blog farm to link to your sites (hmm…your Caffeinated Content MFA blogs?) using the automatic random linking features.
  • Install it on WordPress MU and create a huge auto-updating multiple-topic websites
  • …and the list goes on, you’re only limited by your own creativity.











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