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  • Social Media Optimization: Tips To Make It Work For You

    Social media optimization is all about utilizing the various ways or tools with which you can share content across the web and drive maximum traffic to your website or blog. The more transportable your content is, the more exposure it gets and the more you benefit. However, you need to follow certain tips for effective

  • Copywriting: Structuring Your Blog Posts

    Structuring the content of your blog can be a key consideration in keeping readers hooked to your blog. Most visual mediums and  almost every plausible way of storytelling use the age old concept of having a beginning, a middle and an end. Making your reader meander through a post which usually is rich in content

  • SEO vs Social Media Optimization: Can They Work Together?

    SEO vs social media optimization There’s a never-ending debate as to which of these two is more important. Well, SEO is important because it attracts people to your blog or website, where you want them to land up. Similarly, if you have a well-optimized social media profile, there are chances of ranking high in the

  • How to Move WordPress Blog to a New Domain

    I often help people move their WordPress blogs from one location to another, often to a new domain. The process of moving WordPress blog to a new domain is fairly simple. Just follow the steps in the right order to ensure a smooth transition without annoying your readers or search spiders. Before you go ahead,

  • How to Install WordPress: Getting Your Blog Ready

    WordPress is the most preferred choice for blogging. Installing WordPress is as easy as using it. The entire process of WordPress installation takes less than a few minutes. No struggling with various server settings or fixing codes. Here’s a guide to installing a basic WordPress blog. Read it and you will be ready to install

  • Does Twitter Help You To Enhance Your Writing Skills?

    Twitter isn’t just a social media platform where you network with people and promote your business or your blog. There’s much more you can get using Twitter. This social media network is one such place where you get to enhance your writing skills. Here’s how Twitter makes it possible. You start writing short and to the

  • How To Convert Your Blog Visitors Into RSS Subscribers

    If you want to convert more of your blog visitors into RSS subscribers, you need to make sure that your blog is updated with some great content. This is what your visitors would like to find on your blog. Given below are 5 ways to convert your visitors into RSS subscribers. 1. Place your RSS

  • NoFollow Vs DoFollow Links: Pros And Cons

    “NoFollow” is an HTML attribute that you can assign to a hyperlink to instruct the search engine crawler that it should not acknowledge this link while assigning a rank to the rank which has been linked to. “DoFollow” isn’t a real attribute. If a link does not have the “NoFollow” attribute, then it is considered

  • 9 Ways You Can Turn Your Blog Visitors Into Subscribers

    If you have been blogging for quite some time and you still don’t have a good subscriber base, it’s time you think about ways to tackle this issue. Given below are 9 ways by which you can convert more visitors into subscribers. 1. Let your visitors know about your subscription options You need to highlight