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  • How To: Display WordPress Categories without Children

    About a week ago I decided I was unhappy with the archives plugin I was using to display our archives, so I decided to build a custom archives page.   This archives page is fairly basic in that it displays the categories and archives side-by-side, then all the posts below it.   This way people can use Ctrl+F

  • Make an Apple.com Style Breadcrumb for Your WordPress Blog

    Breadcrumbs, as has been said beforeon WPHacks, are very useful, both for your SEO and reader’s navigation. In other words, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have them on your site. There are a number of breadcrumb plugins you could use, but with a bit ofWordPress code, you can avoid this. If you use

  • How To: Create a Statistics Page for Advertisers

    For any bloggers that maintain an “Advertise” page on their WordPress blog, you might want to check a recent guest post by our friend Jean-Baptiste Jung over at Pro Blog Design.   In his guest post, Jean explains how to manually create an auto-statistics page for advertisers.  As with all of Jean’s posts, you’ll get the code

  • How To: Adding Private Pages to Your Blog’s Navigation

    If you aren’t subscribed toWPEngineer.com, you really should be!   This blog is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs about WordPress (outside of this one of course!). In a recent post, Michael has provided a quick and easy to implement WordPress Hack that will allow you to add pages to your WordPress navigation that are private (so

  • How To: Update Your WordPress Database Name

    Last week while I was doing somespring cleaning, I decided to move a few of my sites over to a new CPanel.   The move went fairly smoothly, but once everything was moved, there was the matter of updating the WordPress database to show the new database name. If you are wanting to do something similar,

  • How To: Use WordPress Conditional Tags to Hack Your Theme

    By using simple conditional tags – it’s pretty easy to add some very basic hacks to your WordPress theme to have more control over what’s displayed when. Here are some things you could do with a conditional tags: Display something only on certain pages Display something only on certain categories Display something in header and

  • How To: Hack WordPress Theme Template Pages

    The key to being able to display exactly what you want in WordPress is understanding WordPress theme template pages. These are the theme files that display pages, not the ones that perform functions like comments, sidebar, etc. Most of us don’t use the WordPress default theme that comes with installation, and end up downloading a

  • Separating Trackbacks from Comments in WordPress 2.7+

    Back when WordPress 2.7 was released, the WordPress team introduced a completely revamped comment form that included integration of threaded comments into the core software, introducing some dramatic changes with how comments are handled.   Unfortunately, this change broke one of the most popular comment hacks,separating trackbacks from comments. Since then, several people have stepped up and

  • Page Sensitive Multi-Level Navigation

    While most sites don’t need incredibly deep page navigation there are situations that justify a hierarchy beyond the typical 2 – 3 levels.  Unfortunately that can be cumbersome for top navigation drop-downs (more than 1 level of drop down is too much IMHO) so another solution needs to be found. I ran into just such

  • How To: Add a Twitter Link to Your WordPress Blog

    Twitter is all the rage these days and it doesn’t seem like it will be going anywhere any time soon.  With that said, it often surprises me that many WordPress blog owners  don’t offer a convenient way for their readers to retweet their content.  Anyone can grab a Twitter WordPress plugin to tweet their new content as