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  • How To: Add Google Rich Snippets to WordPress (Without Editing Your Theme) By John Lamansky | Filed Under How-To, SEO

    Notice the additions under the hyperlinked title. These eye-catching additions are called“rich snippets.” Rich snippets give additional prominence to your review pages when they appear in search results and could help garner additional search engine traffic for your site. You can ask Google to show this sort of data for your review posts by adding

  • WPMS Mobile Edition

    I’ve just discovered an essential plugin: Word Press Multi Site Mobile Edition – it automatically provides an alternative Mobile Theme version of your site. Don’t let the Multi Site in the name mislead you – this plugin works equally well on standard single site installations as well as MultiSite versions of WP 3. After you install

  • Auto Embeds

    WordPress is so rich that I still am learning things it can do. Automatic embedding of media is one. For media residing on various sites, you only need to include the ULR to that site to have it display in your posts. There is also an [ embed ] shortcode that lets you control the

  • Moving Your WP Site

    This post has instructions for moving your WP site – to a new server, to a new domain, or from a development server. 1. Moving to New Server, Keeping Same Domain If you find you need to move your domain to a new server (which WPWeaver.info did recently), it is fairly easy to move your

  • Getting rid of the Automatic Meta Widget from Sidebar

    I’ve been getting the following question a lot lately: How do  I get rid the of the Meta Widget in the sidebar? New answer: the behavior of an empty Primary Widget Area (the top sidebar) has been changed in Weaver 1.6 so it really no longer is an issue. But you still may encounter the

  • Disabling Comments and Talkbacks

    It seems that disabling Comments and Talkbacks for posts and static pages is one of the more difficult tasks that people want to do, but have trouble getting to work. I don’t think the WordPress interface makes it very clear what is going on, because the topic has come up several times in the forum.

  • WPWeaver.info running on WordPress 3.2

    WordPress 3.2 has been released. This site has updated to 3.2. It is also currently using Weaver 2.1. Everything seems to be working with no known issues. I note as I create this post that one obvious  change is how the Page/Post editor works – it now defaults to a larger size, and now knows

  • WordPress YouTube Menu Fix

    If you are having problems with your WordPress menus displaying behind your YouTube video embeds, a solution is described in this Weaver Forum article. Apparently this is a fairly widespread problem with WordPress sites.

  • Updating to Weaver 2.2 does NOT lose any customimzations!

    I’ve just found out that when you click the update to Weaver 2.2 automatically from the WordPress themes page, you get a message that say you’ll lose your customizations if you upgrade the theme. This is simply not true, at least in the case of Weaver, for sure. I don’t know why their message is

  • WordPress User Names – did you know?

    Every so often I learn a new detail about WordPress that gives me a little surprise. Today’s surprise – WordPress is just fine with spaces in your user name. So you don’t have to run it together or use an underscore. You’ll just have to remember that you did that  . Betcha’ didn’t know that!