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CMS Members – Premium WordPress Plugin

CMS Members is really more than a WordPress membership plugin. It not only provides a perfect WordPress As CMS solution for your site, but it can also be your new eCommerce platform. Just imagine having an elegant e-Commerce site built with the power and simplicity of WordPress. We can build you a sign up page, order form,  newsletter subscription, premium theme community, etc …

A revolution in using WordPress as a CMS.
Perfect solution for member management and taking online orders.

Manage Members

Create unlimited membership plans like Premium, Silver, etc. Edit user information, suspend, renew and activate user accounts with ease.

Accept Credit Card

CMS Members integrated with PayPal IPN and 2CO. Both Paypal’s Subscribe (recurring payment) and Buy Now(one time payment) are supported. You can define various discount codes and accept different currencies.

Custom Field

CMS Members has a perfect support for custom fields. Add textboxes, textareas, dropdown menusradio buttonscheck boxes and even file upload fields to registration form.

Members Features

Members can deposit money to their accounts, edit their profiles, renew account or upgrade to another plan. All match the rest of your theme!

Only for members!

You can specify part or all of your posts and pages to only be viewable to registered members or specific plan(s). RSS Feeds protected, too

Google Friendly

CMS Members is SEO friendly. All premium posts are viewable for Google and other search engines. You can also enable Google First Click Free for better promotion on search engines.

Email Newsletter

Bult-in Mass Mailer with AWeber integration helps you send newsletter to your subscribers. All welcome, activation and newsletter mails are customizable and HTML friendly, so you can create your visually engaging emails.

Customizable Form

You can easily make your own form. Add new field, edit labels, add description, remove or require a field, or change the visual style of the form. Different form templates provided.

Security & Anti-Spam

Anti-Fraud system will scan online transactions. Built-in CAPTCHA, with the ability to use ReCAPTCHA will protect your forms from spammers and all IP addresses will be saved to get maximum security.

Affiliate Integration

Why you don’t provide an affiliate program and double your income? You can integrate CMS Members with self-hosted or online affiliate marketing systems easily.


CMS Members supports Unicode-8 and GNU gettext localization framework, so you can translate it into your own native language.


Need more features? CMS Members is plugginable. You can extend it base on your needs and without changing source code. CMS Members uses standard WordPress APIs so it’s compatible with future WP versions and other WordPress plugins
















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