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Contact Form With Custom Auto Responder WordPress premium plugin

The easy and full functional advanced contact form with validations and custom Auto responder message system which is easy to set no need of php coding.

Main Features

  • Simple form easy to edit and add to your PHP or HTML pages.
  • Phone field added
  • Dropdown Subject Selection with different emails.
  • Auto Responder Enable / Disable
  • Dropdown Subject Selection with additional emails.
  • Custom Auto Responder Message
  • Custom Auto Responder Message with Attachment of any file type
  • Custom Catpcha Filter (you can create your own filter question and set the answer incontact.php file)
  • No separate page needed for thank you message.
  • Message will be displayed on the same block.
  • Javascript Degradation
  • Works fine with the php 4.x and 5.x Version
  • No Database required for installation
  • Help file included for setting auto responder message.









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