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Convert Firefox into a Social Networking Powerhouse

Guest article by Pallab.
The biggest asset of Firefox is its extensions. Extensions allow you to take a simple browser and convert it into a powerhouse. Today we will take a look at three extensions geared towards social network addicts.

Social Networking Firefox Extensions

Yoono: Techcrunch dubbed Yoono as the “Social Network Browser Plugin You’ve Been Waiting For” and with good reason. Yoono integrates with a host of services including Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Imeem, Flickr, Friendfeed, Windows Live, AIM, GTalk and Yahoo Messenger.

It works via a handy sidebar that provides access to a set of widgets for sharing photos, videos and friends. Yoono fetches status updates from all the supported services and ensures that you never miss an update from a friend. The other cool part of Yoono is its Discovery widget that recommends websites, videos, images, products related to the site you are viewing. Highlighting any keyword on the webpage you are reading will bring up related Google search results, Wikipedia entries, videos etc. Yoono is a really powerful extension that can do a lot more for you. To discover its full potential head over to Yoono.com and give it a try.


Glue: Glue is a simple and unobtrusive Firefox extension which mainly acts as a context filter. Glue currently supports importing of friends from Facebook and Twitter. Whenever you are visiting a page related to a product (say a movie) that your friends have an opinion about, the Glue bar will slide down informing you about your friends opinion. Glue binds the social and semantic web and eliminates the step of asking your friends manually for their opinion about something.

Glue Firefox Extension

Firestatus: Firestatus is a handy little extension that allows you to update your Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Delicious and Identi.ca status with the click of a button. It also includes URL shortener and a character counter to ensure your message would get posted in twitter. Firestatus is provides an intuitive and quick way to post status message updates or save links to delicious right from your Firefox statusbar.

Glue Firefox Extension

Guest author Pallab De is a 21-year-old computer sciences and engineering student who writes for his own blog at Pallab.net besides guest blogging occasionally. He loves to write about Software, Web 2.0, Browsers and Windows Security. You can follow Pallab on Twitter at @indyan. You can also write a guest article on QOT and share your tips and tools.

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