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Copywriting: Structuring Your Blog Posts

Structuring the content of your blog can be a key consideration in keeping readers hooked to your blog. Most visual mediums and  almost every plausible way of storytelling use the age old concept of having a beginning, a middle and an end.

Making your reader meander through a post which usually is rich in content but an eye sore in terms of presentation is a strict no!

The three most important tips on making your content crisp and scannable are:

The Beginning

It all begins with the headline and it is the most crucial element of your blog post. The success of your post and whether or not it will be read is courtesy your headline. The web is full on content on every topic under the sun.

What would make a reader click on yours and read? Is your headline click-worthy? Does it stand out in a maze of posts?

Imagine your title among millions of other titles out there. Does it have the power to draw its audience? If not, then it would be a great idea to go back to the drawing board and brainstorm. Discuss with friends, get their opinion and make changes.

When in doubt, just get to the point. Period.

So now that you have a killer headline, what next?

The Middle

Headline leads your reader into the post while a good opening keeps him hooked to it. Having a bad/boring opening is as good as letting your reader down. Few lines into the post make it clear to him as to what’s in the post for him. In this world of instant gratification, keep your reader engrossed.

Don’t keep him hanging around too long to figure out what you are talking about. Chances are he is going to leave mid way leaving you in the lurch.

Make your content crisp. Keep the sentences short. Write scannable content. Don’t write long paragraphs which are just too difficult to read and comprehend. Make it easy for your reader to get through your post.

Ever wonder why “How to”, “Top 7 ways to” kind of posts gain instant popularity? Not only are they the darling of search engines, they are also the most readable kind of content.

They give it to the reader in the first few minutes, the content, the take-away and its use.

The End

Well, a reader has spent this long to get through to the post, give it a proper closure. The problem with most blog posts is having a long tail.

If you have given your reader all the information in your post, just summarize them crisply and quickly. Draw in the reader to share his experiences and invite him to leave comments.

Don’t make the tail long and tedious.

Close it quickly and in an effective manner.

Write in with your comments on how you prefer your blog posts to be structured. Do you employ other means of structuring them? Share your suggestions with us.

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