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Create a backup copy of the site from admin WordPress

Everyone is familiar with the plugin WP-DB-Backup ,which is responsible for creating copy wordpress site database.

But there are not many useful plugins to backup key directories/folders that make up the personality of the site: for eg. the plugins folder, themes folder with pictures. For this we have a Plugin called “WordPress Backup” .


Simply load both the plug-in in the plugins folder using FTP or add plugins via WordPress backend menu -> Add in admin panel and activate.

Plug-in “Database Backup” is in the menu Tools bt the name of “Database backup (or backup)”.

Plug-in “File Backup site” is located in Settings by the name of “WordPress Backup”.

For both plug-ins, you can configure an automatic backup once a day or once a week, and it can also be configured to send the backup to your email address.

Also for plug-in “WordPress Backup” you will have to create .htaccess file to read and download it to your backup directory such as: “wp-content/bte-wb” .

Add the following .htaccess code.

RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase /

RewriteCond% {REQUEST_URI} .* bte-wb / .*

RewriteCond% {HTTP_COOKIE}! ^ .* WordPress_logged_in .* $ [NC]

RewriteRule. – [R = 403 , L]

Please note that plugins WordPress Backup and WP-DB-Backup does not replace, but complement each other!

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