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Cut Onions without tears

If you use onions to cook from time to time and is annoyed with the whole onions making you cry then here are a few cool tricks that you can do to stop your eyes from crying when you cut onions.

Why do Onions make your eyes watery?

when cutting through an Onion, the onion cells get cut too which releases a gas that reacts with water and creates sulfuric acid which causes irritation. The eye then releases water to dilute the acid which makes the eye watery.

How to prevent your eyes from watering when cutting onions

  • The most effective way is to run the onion under water before cutting it. So peel the onion and run it under water before you chop it.
  • Use a sharp knife (sharp knife cuts the onion cells cleanly and hence less juice is released from the Onion)
  • Use salt or bread crump on the knife.
  • Put the onions in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before cutting them

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