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Does Twitter Help You To Enhance Your Writing Skills?

Twitter isn’t just a social media platform where you network with people and promote your business or your blog. There’s much more you can get using Twitter. This social media network is one such place where you get to enhance your writing skills. Here’s how Twitter makes it possible.

You start writing short and to the point

When you write on Twitter, you’re asked to convey your message in just 140 characters which involves words, spaces, special characters, symbols and punctuations. So, this means you need to write short and crisp so that it attracts others and makes them read your post. This is where the problem lies because it’s easy to express your thoughts in long sentences which come naturally. But to write short sentences and yet convey all that you want to say is indeed something that needs practice. So, the more you do it, the easier it’ll be for you to write in as few words as possible.

You get the chance to sharpen your editing skills

Presenting your message to others in just 140 characters doesn’t come all at once. You may need to edit and rewrite your message quite a number of times before you actually post it. The purpose is to share your idea within a few words such that it encourages your followers to perform some action such as clicking on a link or retweeting your post and spreading it amongst their followers. So, using Twitter helps you to write better copy because neither can you exaggerate here nor do you have the scope to use literary expressions, as otherwise your post may exceed the character limit.

Your vocabulary gets better

Since you have very few characters to express your message, therefore you can’t write much even if you may want to. Now, you may not be able to complete your post in just 140 characters; you may actually exceed the character limit. This is when Twitter will inform you about the number of characters that should be removed in order to stay within the maximum limit. You may need to look through the dictionary and thesaurus and find out the right words which can be used as substitutes for phrases. This is to make sure that you write less but convey everything you want to say.

Writing on Twitter is challenging because you need to think hard and write a short copy that is good enough to grab attention and make people take some action. So, Twitter does enhance your writing skills and makes you a better writer!

Have you been using Twitter as a social media marketing tool? Do you think it has improved your writing skills?

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