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Download WP Article Fetch v2.12 Free Plugin

WP Article Fetch V2.0 is a powerful software that rivals the industries top plug-in such as ultimate content fetcher, caffeinated content and WPRobot.net. The power and ease of use this application offers will revolutionize the WordPress auto blogging arena forever. Wp Article Fetch v2.0 allows you to create a few as a hand full of post or thousands of targeted post with the flexibility of the top tier paid software’s.

WP Article Fetch V2.0 post articles from many sources including Ezine, Article base, and GO Articles!

You won’t have to touch a thing, just tell WP Article Base what categories to grab articles from, set a few variables to what your posting frequency needs to be and then let WP Article Fetch Do the Rest. At this time we are working on capabilities to add in Yahoo answers as comments and Youtube videos. However the current version does feature a image integration with no need to set up a clunky API (we scrape directly from Big G). Auto Blogging with WordPress will never be the same with this new powerful WordPress auto blogging plug-in.








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