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Edit Feed-rss2.php to Customize Feeds in WordPress

I am in a habit of customizing my default WordPress feed to include more relevant content like comments, related posts, copyright statements and Categories. But when I upgraded to WordPress 2.2 recently, all my feed customization was lost. I proceeded to investigate the issue…

Till the last version you needed to customize the wp-rss2.php file in the root of your wordpress installation to modify your feed. In wordpress 2.2, the wp-rss2.php has changed significantly and the default wordpress feed is derived from feed-rss2.php in the wp-includes folder of WordPress. So if you need to tweak your wordpress 2.2 feed, now you need to edit Feed-rss2.php instead of wp-rss2.php. Happy tweaking!

I also figured out how to get Post Preview Frame back in WordPress 2.2 and how FTP errors can lead to unusual wordpress errors.

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