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Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab (2011)

Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab (2011)


Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab (2011)
English | EPUB | 288 pages | 5.72 MB

Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab is for students and researchers working to analyze real data sets in the environmental sciences. One only has to consider the global warming debate to realize how critically important it is to be able to derive clear conclusions from often-noisy data drawn from a broad range of sources. This book teaches the basics of the underlying theory of data analysis, and then reinforces that knowledge with carefully chosen, realistic scenarios. MatLab, a commercial data processing environment, is used in these scenarios; significant content is devoted to teaching how it can be effectively used in an environmental data analysis setting. The book, though written in a self-contained way, is supplemented with data sets and MatLab scripts that can be used as a data analysis tutorial.

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