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Fiverr: A Great Alternative For Freelancers Looking to Earn Extra Bucks

Fiverr is the new Twitter. Only that it is for offering your products or services and hiring freelancers. Like Twitter’s 140-characters limit, Fiverr requires all gigs and offers to be worth $5 only. Though this site has been there for quite some time, I recently gave it a shot. The following is an article (from the perspective of a seller) about Fiverr by FriendlyGirl777 whom I hired using the website. Do let me know what do you think about the article and how do you find Fiverr. Is it a cool place to look for gigs or finding freelancers? – Pritam.

Freelancers looking for a way to make fast cash should check out what Fiverr has to offer.

Fiverr is a new website where people can sell things and services for $5.00. Five dollars may not sound like a lot, but it can add up quite easily over time and for the freelancer, and everyone else every dollar counts.

Fiverr allows people to create gigs, which are opportunities that buyers can purchase and sellers can sell. Sellers charge $5.00 per gig, but at the end of the day sellers will only receive $4.00 per gig from Fiverr. What’s great about these gigs are the services offered don’t have to be for elaborate projects that take lots of time to complete. However, Fiverr leaves that choice completely up to the Seller. In my opinion, freelancers will earn the most money by creating a gig that isn’t so time consuming to complete. The more gigs freelancers complete the more he or she will earn at the end of the day.

The key to getting gigs on Fiverr is to be original and offer a service that is in demand. People shouldn’t get frustrated if their gigs aren’t being purchased. There are many gigs that are being purchased and many that aren’t. It is all about trial and error. If at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again. Once you do get orders “gigs” you want to make sure your final product will make the buyer happy. Buyers are allowed to rate the final product and overall service. Buyers aren’t expecting the world for $5.00, but they don’t want to be shortchanged either. In addition, if you do a good job you’ll be credited with having done so. That’s worth a million.

What’s great about Fiverr is you will get to meet lots of different people “virtually” and work on different types of projects if your gigs are purchased. In my opinion, Fiverr offers people a way to make extra income and have fun at the same time. From the looks of things at Fiverr, there is no shortage of buyers willing to pay $5.00 to have something done for them, so freelancers should take Fiverr for a roll if they have never done so before.
The people who seem to be doing the best on Fiverr are those that are creative and think out of the box. Originality counts, but nothing too outlandish or crazy in my opinion. There are so many categories freelancers can offer gigs in it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with an idea if you don’t already offer services. People can add a gig to all of the following categories: gifts, graphics, video, social marketer, travel, writing, postcard, advertising, music & audio, fun & bizarre, tips and advice, business and technology.

Even if your idea for a gig is not so original, you should give Fiverr a try. There are many gigs that seem to be doing well that are not so creative and out-of-the-box type ideas.Clearly, there is something for everyone on Fiverr and someone willing to do just about anything for $5.00. People on the go can still become still take advantage of Fiverr.

What I like the best about Fiverr is people who are on the go can download Fiverr’s iphone app to help manage sales when they are away from their computers. For people who are on the go, but need to know when sales are received, the Fiverr iPhone App is a must. Even if you are by a computer all day at work, downloading the app may be still be a good idea. Buyers tend to have questions before ordering, so be prepared to provide a quick response. The app is completely free to download and use.

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