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Free Trial Domain Names for WordPress.com Blogs

WordPress.com guys are fulfilling a much wanted wish of their bloggers – switch their blog url to their own domain name. This is a welcome feature which will help wordpress.com bloggers to give their blogs a professional identity and brand value associated with a domain name. Pending the full release of the feature, here is how it is working now…

“I�ll sneak into a few of your dashboards when you aren�t looking and give you a brand new domain based on your current one. If you like it, keep it as your blog URL until it expires or you renew it. If you don�t like it, you�ll be able to switch back to your wordpress.com domain. If you decide to keep it, all of your old URLs (permalinks) will still work. They�ll simply redirect visitors to the new URL.”

Which lucky bloggers are getting the new free domain names?
They are randomly distributing these free domain names. You have a good chance of getting spotted in that posts comments (over 120 comments already and most are interested!).

You will be able to switch your blog back to its old URL any time if you do not like the free domain name or some error strikes. The free domain expires after one year, so you�ll have to pay to renew the domain name to keep it.

I wonder which lucky domain name registrar struck the deal to offer free domains to thousands of wordpress.com bloggers. They earn money quickly when these large number of bloggers renew their domain name year after year after year…

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