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Getting More Comments on Your Blog

Comments are extremely important for a blog as these help you to understand what your visitors think about your posts and in return you too can share your opinion. This increases the level of interaction in your blog. Let me share a few tips that can help you to get more comments in your blog.

1. Keep the comments section simple and easy-to-use

A simple and easy-to-use comment section helps your readers to share their opinions without any hassle. For instance, there are blogs or websites, which allow visitors to comment only after they’ve registered with them. However, not all visitors are willing to provide their personal details and register with a website or blog. So, in case it’s not a requirement for you, simply allow your visitors to comment without needing them to register and log in before commenting.

2. Ask questions in your post

You can end your blog post with a question, thus showing your visitors that you’re interested in knowing their opinion. This is an easy and successful way to get comments from your visitors. You’re likely to get more comments in your blog if you invite your visitors to share their views on the topic you’ve written about.

3. Communicate with your visitors

Interact with your blog visitors and make sure you answer any question they ask you through the comments section. Even if they don’t ask a question, you can simply respond to what they’ve shared in their comments. Responding to visitors’ opinions and questions makes them feel that you’re quite serious with your blog and you’re interested to help them with any information they’re looking for. Also, it gives the impression to the other readers that your comments section is quite active. Hence, they too may comment in your posts.

4. Highlight readers making frequent comments

You can reward the regular commentators in your blog by highlighting their names in your blog sidebar. This will show them that you value their comments. It will also encourage others to come up with their comments and views.

5. Respond politely

Never enter into a verbal fight with your readers. If you find a visitor pointing out your mistake in the comments section, accept it politely. It may not be that easy but when you do so, readers will feel free to comment further and you’ll find more activity happening in your blog.

6. Share link love in comments

Apart from the readers, other bloggers in the same space can be your great buddies. Enter into conversation with them on your blog. Bloggers are always looking for some link juice. You can see an increase in number of comments if you offer a “do follow” backlink to commentators. Make sure that you moderate your comment section if giving “do-follow” links to avoid being a dumping ground for spam comments.

7. Leave comments on other blogs

While you practise the above methods to get more comments for your blog, try to visit other blogs in your niche and comment on the posts there. This will encourage other bloggers to visit your blog and share their comments. They may even follow your blog regularly or become a subscriber.

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