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GK News Show Pro GK1

Congratulations!!! You just found another amazing Joomla!1.5 extension.

From probably the most powerful tool of exposure news, articles and content in Joomla, and without any doubt one of the most popular, acclaimed and sucessfull extension ever created, the Gavick News Show module is now a team. So, give welcome to the new News Show Pro GK1 module, ready to impress even more your website visitors.

Especially for you, another gift from GavickPro Team. Now, you have two perfect partners, ready to help you achieve the more demanding standard of presentation, that all successful sites require.

And guess what? It’s free! How about that?!…

You don’t believe it!?… Well… So, it’s not free…but we will give you 100% discount!
What? You want more? Get it now!


* Joomla 1.5 native.
* Content control display from any section, category or articles ID’s.
* Left, right or bottom selection position of list with links.
* Horizontal and vertical news presentation (columns and rows configuration).
* Two modes: standard mode and category mode,
* Show text, image, author, date, section/category name and button “read more” option, with order customization.
* News amount sorted by date, order, frontpage order, random or hits.
* Use of multiple modules on same page with unique ID configuration.
* Pagination for articles and lists with links
* Timezones adjustment, date format and native language of month / days customization.

* Different language translation support included.
* Partnership with PhotoSlide GK2 (naturally, you need to install the PhotoSlide GK2 to use this respective plugin).
* On/Off front page articles display in modules.
* Clean (X)HTML in content.
* Easy and friendly administration.
* Used Javascript Framework: Mootools 1.11.
* Option for compressed engine script use.
* Fully compatible: Firefox, IE7, Opera 9.5, Safari, Netscape, Google Chrome, Camino, Flock 0.7+.

mod_news_pro_gk1_v1.2.3.zip (3.01 MB)









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