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gMaps – Community Geo-Tagged Mapping Solution

gMaps is by far the most advanced and featured-rich geo-tagging system available for WordPress, and the only theme of its kind for BuddyPress – allowing you to create your very own geo-tagged community with full-screen Google powered maps and individual markers for each component of the platform it runs on; gMaps will automatically detect whether it is being used by WordPress, WordPress MU or BuddyPress and will configure itself accordingly.

Everything gMaps is able to do is built directly into the theme and does not require any third-party plugins or applications of any kind. Running on either Google Maps API 2 or 3 (by default), it will work out-of-the-box and only needs relevant coordinates in order to start displaying information for the individual components, such as posts, pages, comments, users, blogs, groups, topics, forum posts, profile wires and group wires. Every time you create a new entry or edit an existing entry for any of the aforementioned components, you are presented with an easy-to-use geo-location form that allows you to search for a general location, where you can then drag a marker to the exact place and use the generated coordinates for tagging the entry.

The main features of gMaps include:

  • WordPress, WordPress MU and BuddyPress Compatible with Auto-Configuration for Either Platform
  • Google Maps API 2 and API 3 Compatible (with default as API 3, which does not require an API Key)
  • Widgetised Facebook Style Footer (Widget Titles as Links with Widget Content Rising from Footer)
  • Configurable Animation Settings (None, Slow, Normal and Fast) for Widgets and Sidebars
  • Post, Page, Comment, User, Blog, Group, Topic, bbPost, and Profile and Group Wire Markers
  • 2 Map Marker Styles (Flags and Plates) for each User and Blog to Choose From
  • Live Filtered Map Markers relevant to Markers Displayed for Each Individual Page
  • Configurable Sliding Sidebar for Main Content (such as Comment Forms and BuddyPress Pages)
  • Archives and Searches Provide Relevant Markers as Per Category or Search Term
  • Full geoRSS Functionality Inserted into Main Feed, Comment Feed and BP Activity Feeds

Other features include:

  • Independent Map Options for Every Page include Map Type, Zoom Level and Location
  • Friendly Forms for Every Geo-Component with Search Box and Drag and Dropped Coordinate Picking
  • Ability to Select Pagination Levels for Every Pagination BP Component from Theme Options
  • Ability to Display Sitewide Posts, Pages and Comment Markers on Homepage
  • Ability to Add Advertisements to Maps (468 X 60 or 200 X 200)
  • Choice of Header Styles (Renaming BP Terms, Auto-Adjusting Menu Widths and Including Categories)
  • Options for Copyright Text and Dates
  • Ability to Add Tracking Code
  • Theme Options Utilize ThePremiumPanel Theme Option Framework
  • Page Templates for Non-Mapped Pages
  • Page Templates for Adding External geoRSS Markers
  • Options for Initial Pop-Up Splash Screen
  • Ability to Cluster Markers
  • Choice of Styles for Theme
















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