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Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

The WordPress form management you’ve been waiting for

Conditional Form Fields
Gravity Forms 1.3 adds support for conditional form fields. This means you can show or hide a field or entire sections of the form based on a value selected in another field.

Email Notification Routing
Now you can set up notifications to route to different email addresses based on rules that you define. Use one form to route form submissions to sales, marketing, customer service department

Enhanced Post Custom Fields
We’ve enhanced the post custom fields to let you choose from various field types. Custom fields can now be email, website, multiple choice, drop down lists, hidden fields and more.

-The address field for 1.3 has several new options. Choose from US, Canadian or International address types, set the default state, province or country and toggle field visibiltiy.
-We’ve retooled the form markup so multiple forms on the same page will validate as XHTML 1.0 transitional. We know you want nice valid markup and we’ve got your back.
-Populate form fields dynamically by passing data to the field using querystring, shortcode, function or hooks. This makes pre-populating data fast and easy!
-Quickly and easily populate drop downs, checkboxes and radio button fields with predefined lists of values such as Countries, States, Months, etc. You can also bulk add your own options
-Gravity Forms makes it easy for users to upload an image when creating a post via a user submitted form. Great for user submitted articles, directory sites, etc.

Gravity Forms now makes it easy for users to select the post category when creating a post via a user submitted form. You have complete control of which categories are available.

View And Edit Form Entries
The Entry Detail page has been completely redesigned in Gravity Forms 1.1 to provide an easier to use and more flexible interface for managing form entries.

Easily Pass Data To Confirmation Page
Now you can pass form data to your confirmation redirect page for integration with 3rd party services. It’s as easy as selecting your redirect and using our query string builder!













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