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Handling Decline in Traffic to Your Blog

If you’re not getting enough traffic in your blog even though you’ve been trying out various strategies, it’s time to analyse the possible reasons and take steps to make things work for you. Here are the 6 things you can do if you’re disappointed with your blog traffic volume.

1. Check out your Google Analytics report

Go through the data you find in Google Analytics and try to find the keywords that aren’t sending enough visitors to your blog. There may be a decline in the search engine ranking of those keywords, which is why you’re not getting too many visitors. Check the websites which have replaced those keyword rankings in search engine and find out the possible reason for the decline. Once you analyse the reason, try working towards getting your ranking back.

2. See if your blog is helping your readers

When you’re writing your posts, find out how will it help your reader. Will it inform, amuse or entertain the reader? If no, you need to revise your post.

A “How-to” section in your blog is one of the best way of helping your readers. Keep posting in the “How-to” section at regular intervals as this may attract the visitors’ attention.

Your blog should be able to give solutions to visitor problems. This is an effective way of drawing visitors’ attention. Besides, you may have to increase the number of posts each week, and then find out the response.

3. Work on content presentation

Experiment with various ways of presenting your content. For instance, you may create a post where you have a video on a topic and just a few lines of text. Or, you can have a slideshow presentation in one of your posts. See what gets the best response from your readers. Use that format more frequently.

4. Find out if you’re getting the right traffic data

Sometimes, traffic tracking software may fail to provide the right data. There can also errors in the code used for tracking your blog. So, just check the code once.

5. Don’t panic, it can be a seasonal decline in traffic

Sometimes, there are natural reasons why you may get less traffic in your blog. For instance, if it’s a few days left for Christmas, it is likely that you’ll get less traffic unless you have a section in your blog dealing with Christmas and holiday budgeting. That’s because visitors will be more interested in finding out how to plan their Christmas and holiday season rather than going through some serious issues.

However, if your blog is based on finance and debt, the same traffic may revert to your blog after Christmas because they’ve by then incurred debt (which usually happens at this time of the year) and they’ll want to find out how to get rid of it. So, it’s just that you need to wait for some time. But keep updating your blog in the meantime.

6. Try to make your blog mobile-ready

If you’re not getting the usual traffic volume in your blog and things are not working out at the moment, try to tap those who access your blog in a mobile browser. Know how to make your blog mobile-ready and increase your traffic volume.

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