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Handy YouTube Tips and Tricks for Bloggers

If you use YouTube videos in your blog then you might find some of the following tips and tricks pretty handy if you don’t know them already.


Link to a Chosen Start Time of a YouTube Video

Say for example, you want to link to a nice video that you found on YouTube but it has some crap at the start which you don’t really want your visitors to watch. In a situation like that you can just link to a specific time of that video so when the video starts it will start from that specific time and skip everytime before that.

So if I wanted to link a YouTube video and wanted it to start playing from 1 minute and 17 seconds when someone follows the link then all I have to do is append #t=1m17s to the video URL.

Original video URL:

Vidoe URL linked to a specific time:

Below is a link for a demo

Add a Video to Quick List for Future Viewing

This is particularly useful when you are trying to find some videos on a specific topic but along the way you discover something interesting that you want to watch too but if you don’t want to get distracted at that moment then you can just add it to the Quick list by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the corner of video thumbnail for future viewing.

Adding YouTube Video to Quick List

Adding YouTube Video to Quick List

Show Video Captions by Default

If a video includes captions or subtitles, you can activate them by clicking the menu button located on the bottom right of the video player. When you embed a video on your blog, you can make it so that captions are always shown. Having the captions shown allows your blog’s visitor to watch a video silently. To enable captions on a video you’d like to embed, just add &cc_load_policy=1 to the video’s embed code. This page describes how to use it.

Some Useful Tools for YouTube Videos

  • Delutube – Lets you view deleted Youtube videos.
  • Video Downloader – a firefox extension that allows you to download youtube videos to your computer from YouTube and most video sites.
  • YouTubeX – allows you to save and download YouTube videos easily using only your IE or firefox browser.
  • TubeSock – grabs YouTube videos from the web and copies them to your video iPod, Mac, or PlayStation Portable.

If you know of any cool YouTube video tips or tricks that is handy for a blogger please share it in the comment area below.

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