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How can you export / transfer your Blackberry contacts to an Android phone easily. I bought a new Samsung Ace Android smartphone and decided to transfer contacts from my Blackberry Curve mobile phone, but it was not so easy.

So what is the easiest way to shift, migrate or move WordPress.com blog  to WordPress.org self hosted blog? Pay $99 for Guided Transfer and professional WordPress experts will migrate your blog error free.

Today WordPress introduced this much wanted feature, which will benefit many bloggers wanting to overcome wordpress.com limitations, and get their own standalone blog, on their own domain name, own hosting and own wordpress.org content.

WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Try WordPress Guided Transfers – wherein for $99 one-time fee, they will move your content, theme, domain, and everything else to your choice of  their recommended WordPress hosting – BlueHost, Dreamhost, Mediatemple, Network Solutions and Godaddy Hosting.

In addition, they will also install and configure Jetpack and a few other plugins to provide features that you have been using on WordPress.com. They will configure and test permissions so you get one-click installs and upgrades (its not configured on all hosts). and then finally switch your domain over.

For 2 weeks, they will also provide full support for your new WordPress installation. All this for $99 is not a bad deal to get your blog free to grow.

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