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How Many Advertisements Should be Used per Page on a Website?


Many webmasters can’t resist the temptation of putting more ad units on the web page to multiply the revenue generated from advertisements. A recent survey conducted by BurstMedia where over 4,000 web users participated revealed that:

  • Ad clutter is not tolerated by web site visitors – many web users abandon a site they believe to be cluttered.
  • Ad clutter can negatively impact a consumers’ perception of an advertiser’s product or service.

The aim of the survey was to better understand two things:

  1. how ad clutter impacts the web users Internet experience,
  2. and its impact on their perception of advertisers.

Too Many Advertisement Units Annoy the Visitors.

Percentage of users accept that advertising will appear on a web page 47.40%
Percentage of users have low tolerance for web pages with more than two advertising units 52.60%

Ad Tolerance Chart

Out of the 52.60% of users who have low tolerance for web pages with more than two ads are divided into two categories:


29.9% survey respondents said that they immediately leave a site if they perceive it to be cluttered. Men seem to be more tolerant with ads. 27.5% of men said that they leave if the site is cluttered where as the number for women is 32.1%.

Too Many  Advertisements are Less Effective.

75.5% of the survey participants who do remain on the site said that they pay less attention to the advertisements making the ads less effective.

Ad Clutter Negatively Impacts the Advertiser

52.4% of the respondents has a less favorable opinion of an advertiser when their advertising appears on a web page they perceive as cluttered.

I don’t think this survery takes into account how nicely the ads are blended into the web page with the content though. What are your tolerance level in terms of Advertisements on a web page? Do you agree with the result of this survey?

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