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How to Add Background Image to Google.com

Now you can add and change the beautiful background images on Google.com, just like you enjoyed the amazing background images on bing.com.

In a new released feature, Google just made your Google starting page more interesting. However, to add Google backgrounds you will need to first login to your Google account.

Now visit Google.com homepage and look for the link “Change Background Image” in the bottom left corner. If you don’t see it, then probably you are not on Google.com – for example when I type google.com, I am redirected automatically to the country homepage google.co.in, and clicking on google.com/ncr gets me to google.com. Currently this feature is only live on Google.com.

google backgrounds

Choose the Google background from the public gallery, Editor picks, from your computer or from your own Picassa album and enjoy. Amaze your friends who still do not know about it.

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