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How To: Adding Multiple Feeds to your WordPress Dashboard

This guest post was written by John ofWordPress Expert, where he writes about WordPress tips, services, themes, plugins, and more. If you have WordPress knowledge and are interested in writing a post for Hack WordPress, please contact us.

By default, WordPress (2.5 and later) comes with two RSS feed sections on the Dashboard. You can customize these by clicking the “Edit” link and typing in your own RSS feed URL.

But what if you want to add more than 2 feeds to your dashboard?

Just use the free RSS Mix service: enter in the multiple feed URLs that you would like to syndicate in one of your WordPress Dashboard boxes, and then click “Create” to join those feeds into one new feed that you can enter into your Dashboard.

One disadvantage to this tactic is that you have to create a new feed every time you want to edit the list. But still, this could be helpful for WordPress bloggers who would find other sources of information (besides those related to WordPress) more relevant for their blog’s “administration homepage.

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