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How to Check Airtel Broadband Usage

If you are on Airtel limited data plan, you want to know how to see Airtel Broadband usage. First you have to create an Airtel account, and then it is easy to track your daily bandwidth usage logs and estimate the cost of your monthly internet connection bill.

  1. Go to Airtel.in and create a account. Click on My Account and then Register for New Account
  2. Fill in the connection type – Broadband services, login ID and Airtel ID which is your phone number with the STD code. Create an account.
  3. When you login, you can check your “Account Information”
  4. Click the link which looks like [yourtelephonenumber DSL]
  5. Click “View Unbilled Details” and there you are.

airtel data usage

Now you know how to see Airtel broadband usage and surf with ease keeping your broadband bill in check.

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