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How to choose a domain name and web hosting for your Blog

If you want to start blogging and are not serious at the moment it always helps to have a domain name and a web hosting account. However there are many sites that allow you to start blogging for free almost immediately such as http://www.blogger.com. But sooner or later you would want to go professional with your own brand so spend some money and get ready with your brand, right away.

To start off you would need a domain name and a web hosting account that can support WordPress the most trusted blogging platform.

It may take a lot of time before you choose a domain name and most importantly it has to be available, but it is worth it. The first step would be to choose the extension such as “.com”, “.org”, .”net” and so on. You can even choose from country level domains (International Domain Names)such as “.in”, “.co.uk”, “.it”,”.fr” and so on. If your target audience are from specific country go for country code top-level domain (ccTLD) extension. In general most bloggers prefer.com or .org or .net domain.

Now the most difficult part is to choose a domain name for your blog. You can use godaddy.com to check and register domain name if the name is available. In case a name is already taken godaddy will show you suggestions to help you decide. A domain name will cost you less than $14 per year.

When choosing a domain name make sure the name is unique, easy to remember, a short name would be ideal and try to avoid hyphens. If your blog is targeted at specific category for example health or technology, you can try and get the keywords in the name example “Techoblog”, “experthealth” (the names used in the example may already have been taken), however I would suggest you get a cool and simple name it may or may not contain the keyword. Do some Brainstorming, write down different names, combinations and check if available.

Still find it difficult try the domain name suggestions tools http://domain-suggestions.domaintools.com/ or the ultimate domain name generator Nameboy.com.

Once you zero in on a particular name register it immediately: Mission One accomplished. The next step would be to find an ideal hosting plan. Thankfully most of the domain companies provide hosting servers and you can get a best deal out of it, some even offer the domain name free in case you opt for a hosting plan.

As far as the blogging software is concerned I would suggest WordPress. So before you choose a hosting plan make sure it supports WordPress (almost all hosting plans do come with WordPress support some even come with ready to install modules).

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