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How to compare the performance of two websites

Sometimes we are curious to know as to which website loads faster or which website performs better when it comes to loading. Like comparing Google.com with Bing.com or comparing your website with yours competitors etc. The most easiest way to do this is to go to website www.whichloadsfaster.com.

Here is a list of features of what you can do with this website.

1. Compare the loading time of two website side by side. It gives you a feel of the comparison.


2. If you think that one website intervenes in the loading process of the other website then you can choose Serial mode from settings which will load second site after the first site has finished loading.


3. There is also a Race mode which helps you to compare the loading of one list of website to another list of website.


4. Allows you to copy the the comparison and share the result


Just give it a try. This is a very good website for initial comparison of two websites.

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