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How To Convert Your Blog Visitors Into RSS Subscribers

If you want to convert more of your blog visitors into RSS subscribers, you need to make sure that your blog is updated with some great content. This is what your visitors would like to find on your blog. Given below are 5 ways to convert your visitors into RSS subscribers.

1. Place your RSS Feed in the right position

You need to place the RSS Feed link above the fold and not on your blog footer unlike some other blogs. This is to let your feed get more attention from your visitors, thus resulting in more conversions. Your blog sidebar may be a good position to place your RSS Feed link.

2. Use an image or icon for the RSS Feed

Instead of a text link, you should use an image or an icon to highlight the RSS Feed and grab the visitors’ attention in a few seconds. You can use the orange RSS button or the FeedBurner button. The size of the image or the icon is important, as anything having a slightly bigger size does attract others’ attention quickly.

3. Make your visitors know about RSS Feed

Some of your visitors may not be technically sound. So, educate them on what an RSS Feed is all about. You can write a post on RSS Feed and create a hyperlink to this post under your RSS Feed image or icon.

If you have subscription options other than RSS Feed, it is better to have a landing page covering all the options in detail. You can place a hyperlink to this landing page right below the image or icon used for the RSS Feed. This will enable your visitors to understand their options and then subscribe to your blog accordingly.

4. Promote your RSS Feed within and outside your blog

You can add a link to your RSS Feed from any of your blog posts as and when it is relevant and doesn’t look odd. Most importantly, you can link to your RSS Feed from pages which attract more traffic to your blog.

To promote your RSS Feed outside your blog, you can add the subscription page URL to your profile signature used in various forums where you participate as a member. You can even promote the feed through your email signatures. If you’re writing a guest post for a blog, you can include a link to your RSS Feed in your author bio. This is how you get new readers or RSS subscribers for your blog.

5. Offer rewards for subscribing to your RSS Feed

Sometimes, you can offer rewards for subscribing to your RSS subscribers. This can mean offering a free e-book on how to make money blogging or earning through blog advertising. Visitors, especially new bloggers do like to know about these issues. So, you can expect them to subscribe to your RSS Feed and avail of this offer. However, some of them may unsubscribe once you stop providing these offers.

Now, you may have visitors who may not subscribe to your RSS Feed. Instead of ignoring them, use services like FeedBurner which help to convert your RSS Feed into emails that can be sent to your visitors. This way you can increase your blog readership in spite of not being able to convert some of your visitors into RSS subscribers.

So, these are some of the options that can help you to get RSS subscribers for your blog. Is there are an option which you have tried and got good results as well?

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