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How to convert Youtube videos into mp3 songs and download it

Youtube is no doubt the best site to find videos and songs. Even the most rarest video/song is most likely to be available on Youtube. I like to hear a lot of rear old songs that I get nowhere else other than Youtube. So why not download the song in MP3 format and keep it so that I can hear it when ever and where ever I want. I will talk about two websites from where we can download a Youtube  video in MP3 format.

Site 1: www.youtube-mp3.org


All you need to copy the URL of the video from Youtube to this site and and click Convert. You will get the download option for the converted MP3 file.

Site 2: www.video2mp3.net


This is another site and with the same process just copy the URL from youtube and click convert. You will be given with link to download the converted Mp3 of the video.

Which site is better

Well both have its merits and demerits.

youtube-mp3.org has lesser ads than video2mp3.net but is a bit slower than video2mp3. Also video2mp3 has an option to create high quality Mp3 which youtube-mp3 does not have. If you don’t mind the quantity of ads then I will suggest that you use video2mp3 else youtube-mp3.

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